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There are probably in excess of five million financial web sites to choose from. Why take the time to investigate CPS?

Because we’re in the business of transforming the way our clients think about money. We understand that money works in an ever-changing and multi-faceted context and, more importantly, that each individual financial move affects everything else and impacts the overall outcome.

Most people run their financial lives according to a series of well-worn truisms, unproven assumptions and conventional wisdom. Rarely have they independently measured to see how well these strategies have performed, let alone how they are setting themselves — and their heirs — up for the future. Consider what might be possible if you could take a scientific, three-dimensional view of your money?

Our goals for CPS clients are:

Sound intriguing? Find out now if our approach is the right one for you or your clients.


can you increase your net "spendable" wealth without additional out-of-pocket outlays?







Jonathan P. Rosen, a third generation real estate investor,developer,philanthropist and CPS client since 2001, pictured here with Scott.
Scott with Ira D. Kriegsman, CPA, the managing partner of Kriegsman + Company, a second-generation family tax and accounting practice. Ira is one of the founding members of the 3D Wealth™ Alliance and has been a CPS client since 2002.