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The easiest way to see money is the traditional, one-dimensional view. This is straightforward, but not necessarily complete or accurate. Numerous wealth-eroding factors must also be taken into consideration and there may be ways to take advantage of current economic conditions — whatever they may be — to protect and enhance your wealth.

We’ll help you examine every aspect of your financial situation and show you some unique and valuable information about how money really works which may not have been completely or properly illustrated for you in the past.

The innovative CPS strategy includes three key elements:

This is in stark contrast to most traditional financial planning, which revolves around:

In other words, the traditional approach typically requires the use of additional “out of pocket” funds to achieve any projected success.

The CPS approach, in direct contrast, does not use additional out-of-pocket outlays; rather, we rely on a much more effective increased efficiency theory to produce our results and provide the four basic human values we described earlier.

Want to know how our strategy can impact your life directly? Take a look at our case studies.


is the "increased efficiency" theory working in your financial world?
Scott with Patricia D. Scudder, premier executive coach, CPS client and member of the 3D Wealth™ Alliance.
Scott with Ira D. Kriegsman, CPA and Phillip J. Whitman, CPA. Both are CPS clients and members of the 3D Wealth™ Alliance.