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Most financial service firms base their financial advice on getting your money under management, selling an investment product, or both. We take a different approach.

With more than thirty-five years in the financial services industry, we have reached a deep understanding of what our clients’ money means to them. Money evokes deep emotional responses because it is connected to four core human values:

Our methodology starts with these four values in mind, so before we ever ask clients to commit one dime, we will sit down with them and do a comprehensive review of their current financial situation, primary goals and objectives. We provide the opportunity to see what could happen under several different scenarios using our proprietary economic model. 

We’re interested in helping clients explore the way they currently see things, and alternative financial strategies that they may not be aware of. If it leads to a working relationship, great. If not, we will at least have brought forth a new view of money and wealth to be considered at some point in the future. We are committed to making a difference in our clients' financial lives and are available whenever they are ready to begin working with us.

We work hard to earn trust and to build lasting relationships. Our intention is to ensure that we never recommend any financial product or strategy that is not aligned with our clients' best interests, or does not produce verifiable long-term results.

have you ever wondered what it would be like to get substantially more value from your financial advisors?







Scott with his long time friend and client Christopher Halliburton
Scott with Christopher Halliburton, Executive Vice President, Warburg Realty and a former financial professional. Scott and Christopher have known each other for over 20 years.
Scott with Michael A. Rosenbaum, CPA, senior partner at Berdon LLP in a discussion about a mutual client’s 3D Wealth™ strategy.